Select, manufacture and sale natural casingSupplying of high quality natural casings

The Tardy Company, founded in 1894, is dedicated to select, manufacture and sale natural casings for wholesalers, pork-butchers and sausage makers.

Our experience has allowed us to get a very important know-how concerning the casing choice as well as their manufacturing and their packaging for the best quality.

Sélection of the best casing origin

Frozen warehouses for natural casings storage

The global sourcing of pork, beef and sheep casings , has led us to select the countries which propose the best raw material and the more suitable production tools in order to guarantee the best quality to our products.




Frozen warehouses which meet our purposes in sanitary field

Our frozen warehouses allow to storage, in very good conditions, of our whole range of products and more specially for the sheep casing.

All our products are registered and bring a batch number which guarantees their tracking up to their final consumption.


Control and casing manufacturingControl and casing manufacturing made by professionals

In our workshops, we make the quality controls of all the products we’ve received, and which are dedicated to manufacturing. (Diameter, length, resistance and condition control)

Samples done on all of the batches are submitted to bacteriological analysis.

The permanent adaptation to the pork-butcher and sausage maker requirements is one of our main aim.
Thus, our manufacturing team can meet each specific need.


For the development of cooked pork meats quality

High quality casings for a top delicatessen

Binging the best attention to our range of natural casings, we hope to contribute actively to the quality of pork-butcher’s meat.